10 lines we hear from our Ninongs and Ninangs every Christmas

December 25th, 2018
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‘Tis the season for some Ninongs and Ninangs to play their annual hide and seek game with their inaanaks. And to win the game, they always use the best lines as shield when an inaanak comes knocking at their door every Christmas.


1. This “iconic” line we all know too well:

How about dagdagan po natin ng ham para bigyan ko kayo ng “hampas”? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

2. An annual tradition, it is. 

Every damn year.

3. ‘Yung wala ka naman kasalanan pero…

Uhm, ‘di naman po ako nangangarolling???!?

4. The most wholesome excuse:

Thank you for the overflowing love. Please send me money, too, ’cause I’m poor. *uwu*

5. This proof that #NinongCares:

Concerned lang naman pala…

6. When you’re an adult, they try to turn the tables on you. 

7. Or offer alternatives that you might be interested in.

PM sent po.

8. The biggest scam there is:

9. This “reassuring” statement that honestly, has no certainty. 

10. And finally, this line that actually translates to “‘Wag ka na pumunta, please.

Sorry, ‘nak. Ninong/Ninang is poor, too. :'(

(But seriously though, we’re grateful for our Ninongs and Ninangs—with or without their ampao filled with money bills. After all, they play a bigger role in our lives and we shouldn’t see them only as a source of cash during the holiday season.)

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