Nicolas Cage is not happy about the ‘cage rage’ internet memes

October 02nd, 2018

We all know that spending five minutes scrolling through your newsfeed is hardly enough especially when you have encountered a hilarious meme. And just like everybody else on social media, we never forget to tag our friends and share them on our personal accounts.

While we enjoy the pleasure of sharing memes aggressively on our pages or creating our unique versions, somebody is not happy with the memes about him. 

Nope, we are not talking about Donald Trumps’ 9/11 fist pumps photos or the infamous Kim Kardashian’s “ugly crying face” meme, our topic here is none other than, Nicolas Cage.


The 54-year-old actor finally expressed his #feelz about the “Cage rage” internet memes. According to the actor, these memes are frustrating and unfair not just to him, but also to the directors of his films.

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In an interview with Indiewire to promote his latest gory-action horror film “Mandy,” Cage said: “I’m sure it’s frustrating for [director] Panos [Cosmatos], who has made what I consider a very lyrical, internal, and poetic work of art, to have this ‘Cage rage’ thing slammed all over his movie … the internet has kind of done the movie a disservice.”

Photo credit: Vampire’s Kiss (1998)

“Cage rage” is the name given to the pictures and video compilations that show the actor’s unusual reactions on screen and often-animated characters.

Aside from being one of the most iconic memes, Cage is also worried that people may not give his new film, “Mandy,” enough credit because they are taking its scenes out of context.

He also went on to elaborate the thinking behind his over-the-top performances: “I have to be honest. I did make certain choices to realize my abstract and more ontological fantasies with film performance, by playing people who were crazy, or by playing people who were on drugs, or supernaturally possessed — so that I have the license, if you will, to explore the German Expressionistic style of acting or the Western kabuki,” he concluded.

Yes, we all get that, Nic.

But with how the Internet works? It’s impossible to delete or remove everything completely with just a single click.


Since Cage had been inserted into movies or scenes he never starred in, we listed down a few of the memes that we all loved, but Nic himself hated.

Happy #NicCage day, y'all

— Ransom Garcia (@Ransompalooza) January 7, 2018

@Charlie_Lubeck The brightest witch of her age. #cagerage

— 🎃 jack-o-lucy 🎃 (@lucyisntclever) September 3, 2012

Ahora que #Amazon va a por los derechos de #ElSeñorDeLosAnillos para una serie, recuperemos al Aragorn original. #ESDLA #LOTR #NicCage

— Fran Expósito (@Frantic_toc) November 4, 2017

Check out jolly old Saint Nic! Happy #Santacon one and all

— Nicolas Cage Rampage (@NicCageRampage) December 15, 2012

An internet meme phenomenon,”Cage rage” is going to be one of those memes that will remain on the Internet archives (sadly) forever.

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