LOOK: Lit Pinoy memes that have not disappointed so far this 2018

August 10th, 2018

When it comes to local social media behaviour, Filipino netizens have proven that humour persists even in serious times. These memes have captured the overall gist of Pinoy life and have become somewhat of a “reflection” of how we react to certain issues, political or otherwise. With a combination of wit, creativity, sarcasm and mind-blowing editing skills, count on Pinoys to put fun even in news segments, movies, advertisements and viral videos.

Here’s a compilation of this year’s memes, including their origins.

1. “Wala na, finish na”

In one of Aksyon TV5’s segments, 25-year-old Bethoven Delmar Jr was arrested for attempting to rape a woman. When asked why he did such horrible act, he proudly admitted that he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol.  Despite what happened, Delmar was still thankful, “Swerte pa ‘ko kasi hindi pa si Duterte ‘yang nakaupo. Eh kung si Duterte, wala na finish na.”

Now his line has been used as template for everything #relatable:

via Pepeng Pinakamalupet

2. “Advance ako mag-isip”

Albert Mangapit, a 25-year-old call center agent, was arrested during an undercover operation against illegal drugs. Aside from flaunting his “wealth”, Mangapit said that the act was done out of pure intention,and that is to help the Philippines.

“There’s a lot of things you can do about the money from the Kush, 1.5 per kilo. I can change the Philippines. I can run for politics. Advance ako mag-isip. Look at Antipolo, how much is the land, land area of Antipolo? Unused. Good for farming marijuana.”

Now it has been used in different relatable contexts:

via Pisonet Lines

3. “Obyus ba?” 

This one may not be as grave as the previous ones. An unidentified woman with her child entered a private van and refused to get down despite making it clear to her that the van isn’t for public use. When the driver asked her again to leave, the woman seemed rather annoyed:

Ate Girl: Bakit nang-iistorbo ka?!

Driver: Natutulog ka ba?

Ate Girl: Obvious ba?!

via Filipino Witty Tweets

Magbiro ka na sa lasing, ‘wag lang sa bagong gising.

4. “Bakit ako matatakot?”

Seized by the authorities due to illegal possession and discharge of firearm, a drunk man named Jun Calumpiano dared president-elect Rodrigo Duterte to a gunfight.

“Duterte, mag-draw tayo! Bigyan mo ako ng baril, Sige, walang problema. Ba’t aka matatakot?!”

via Senyora Facebook Page

5. Unique Salonga memes are… unique

Well even before Unique Salonga left the band IV of Spades, there’s no doubt about the amount of attention he has been getting from his fans. However this attention seems to have gotten a little bit far.

Unique as Dora

via Jazomix

God bless you, Unique

via Superelmemes


6. Cardo Dalisay’s unquestionable immortality

Yes, even Cardo Dalisay spawns the funniest memes on social media!

via Meanwhile in the Philippines

So the question is: when?!

7. Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo memes

Instead of getting furious about Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo being the newest Speaker of the House, netizens just thought of a comical way to make the situation lighter, and that is by way of memes!

Get you a girl who can do both?

GMA as your Jollibee crew

via Pisonet Lines

or GMA as Shan Cai?

via Twitter

With all the things that have been happening in our country today, a little positivity from these memes won’t hurt, right? Thanks to all the Pinoy meme lords who never fail to seize a definitely meme-worthy opportunity.

Ganyan, dapat advance mag-isip!


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