Moth memes are taking over the Internet and we love them

October 01st, 2018

You’ve got to admit this: The Internet will not be complete without memes.

More than just a form of entertainment, these memes also help you get through when life throws you a curveball—thanks to the meme lords who #blessedt us with Kanye West memes,  Nicolas Cage’s “Cage rage” memes, Grumpy cat, Doge, and so much more.

And now, netizens have found a new addition to the “meme archives” and of course, another reason to log on every day.

Moth memes.

If you think only cute stuff can reside on your screen, then you might have to reconsider that as this winged creature appears to be the “flavor of the month.”

And no, don’t even try to do something about it.

The moth craze started when Reddit user u/No_Reason27 posted a close-up photo of what seems to be a very large moth outside their window.

Close up of moth outside my window from creepy

If you stare at it long enough, the moth looks like an owl lurking near the window. The picture of the innocent moth made the internet crazy which led internet users to create their own versions of moth memes.

Since moths are attracted to light, most of the memes show the insect’s “unconditional love” for lamps.

Moths be like: 


1. A Twitter user recreated the “Distracted Boyfriend” meme… 

like a moth im drawn into your flame🎶 pic.twitter.com/Ie9UE6qu6v

— zu (@alltimezu) September 26, 2018

2. Moths have taken over the world…

Moth memes have taken over pic.twitter.com/yVZ9vpFxWQ

— Alexis Davis (@AlexisD_Offical) October 1, 2018

Seriously, Meralco is shookt right now. 

3. A moth version of the “don’t play trash” meme.

moth: yo fam pass the aux
friend: u better not play trash
moth: pic.twitter.com/av4F3R4Brw

— zander 👌 (@ughzander) September 26, 2018

4. No one wouldn’t wanna miss Drake’s Hotline Bling meme.

I’m only posting moth memes now pic.twitter.com/qD8v30vbG5

— slug (@moon_w0man) September 24, 2018

5. And the Internet predicted the future. 

I have seen the future and yes it is moth memes pic.twitter.com/AYGH3uilld

— Giant Swan Tribute Act "Giant Cow" (@gabrielszatan) September 22, 2018

It has been two months now and people still can’t get over the moth’s picture. Some even went ahead to make their unique set of memes:

this is my favorite moth meme pic.twitter.com/9wdTAPvXNB

— audrey le (@audreyxle) September 30, 2018

moth memes are the only thing I care about anymore pic.twitter.com/oQKB7ExsQn

— decembRrRrR steph 🥣✨ (@Stephasocks) September 30, 2018

WHYYYY IS MOTH MEMES TRENDING 😭😭😭 pic.twitter.com/OzZix8aAoq

— @wEirdhUman.com (@park_jimin_4567) September 30, 2018

Moth-fighter. pic.twitter.com/8zAmmQegmF

— Josh The Weirdo (@Josh_the_weirdo) October 1, 2018

This moth meme.
I love it pic.twitter.com/1QQs6y1icv

— Pizza Shep @Mff (@PizzaShep) September 28, 2018

le moth pic.twitter.com/XljlMdFYcO

— anıl (@scepticboi) September 30, 2018

find me in the moth pit pic.twitter.com/Jgs023gPkX

— Vitalize (@Vitalize_US) September 30, 2018

Too many moth memes pic.twitter.com/sp8CnfEDkp

— Fin Van (@Fin_Van_G) September 24, 2018

It’s crazy how such a random thing like this moth could be an “online sensation” in a few days! To the extent that  somebody even made an Instagram account called @moth_memes that is dedicated to provide us nothing but “mothy memes.”

While some may find the memes horrible rather than hilarious, it’s still impressive how these people were able to draw inspiration from an innocent moth.

Kudos, Internet.


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