You may want to go vegan after seeing this image of a demon in your meat

August 08th, 2018

Religion has taught many of us about the existence of evil spirits like demons and ghosts.

Photo Credit: Tumblr

Oftentimes, these entities present themselves in haunted houses, asylums, and even hospitals. But in this case, a devil has made its presence known in one of the most unusual places… a slab of meat.

In this Twitter post by Japanese user @sasaxxx, an image of a devil with bloodshot eyes, a stretched torso, and prominent horns can be seen on the beef’s surface.


— sasa×××🦈 (@zogu8011) August 2, 2018

Since the photo was uploaded, a number of Twitter users couldn’t help but express their thoughts on seeing the image on the slice of meat.

Hell yes!

— Danny B. (@danny_bastard) August 4, 2018


— 自由ソーメンX (@namko760) August 4, 2018

Let him out!

— Marissa Townsend (@marissa1537) August 3, 2018

consume his flesh and gain his powers!

— Twitch – Reploid REVO (@GileumRix) August 3, 2018

We’re not sure how this slab of meat would taste when cooked but we’re definitely not eating it anytime soon. Now, excuse us as we try to erase this image from our minds with holy water.

Photo Credit: Giphy


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