This 3-year-old girl’s ‘imaginary mum’ will haunt you in your dreams

June 06th, 2018

They say kids’ imagination knows no limits. And sometimes, they say things beyond what adults can imagine.

A three-year-old’s description of her imaginary friend had everyone on Twitter thinking that she might either be an extremely imaginative little girl or is being haunted by a “straight up terrifying” ghost.

American actress Natalie Morales shared a photo taken from Oh Comely magazine which features kids’ drawing of their “make-believe pals”. In the photo is a three-year-old named Ruby holding a drawing of her “imaginary mum,” Grateful, who she describes as a pregnant 14-year-old girl who can’t have birthdays.

The child details Grateful’s specifics, and it will send chills down your spine: “Her yellow eyelashes mean she can see in the dark — she only comes to see me at night-time. It scares me sometimes, but I always want her to come back. She has two babies in her belly. She’s 14, but can never have a birthday.”

Morales tweeted that Ruby has a ghost with her and said that she should’ve captioned the photo more appropriately:

Like Morales, many were frightened at Ruby’s imaginary mum.

Some say that Grateful’s story could pass as a horror movie plot.

One user even tried to reimagine what Grateful would look like in real life:

Others have theories about Grateful and her past.

And if you’re the kind of person who enjoys spooky stories like this, there’s a Reddit thread you can check out:

Good luck trying to get some sleep tonight.


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