Pinoy student shares the story of his ghost encounters on Twitter and we’re shaking just thinking about it!

This December, we all got chills from reading Adam Ellis’s “Dear David” story on Twitter. Today, prepare to witness yet another hair-raising story on Twitter about a Pinoy college student who’s experienced some strange encounters with the paranormal entity in his room.

This is the story of Twitter user Gabe’s experiences with the ghost of a little girl. And be warned, this is not a tale for the faint of heart! 🙈

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The story begins with Gabe explaining his past and how he has somewhat had visions of ghosts during his childhood.

Then a few months back, Gabe’s sixth sense was put the test when he started encountering some strange activities in his room. It all began when his queen-sized bed was taken away.

Out of respect for the ghost, Gabe always left a certain portion of his then queen-sized bed unoccupied for the ghost to utilize. But when his bed was replaced with a smaller one, Gabe started to feel a change in the room’s atmosphere. He explains:

However, these events were just the beginning of a series of bizarre happenings in his home. Gabe also recalled a time when he heard a girl laugh while he was in the shower — an unusual coincidence because no young girl lived in his house.

But none of these incidents can compare to what happened to Gabe during the day he woke up from sleep paralysis. The following tweets detail the events that transpired that morning:

Luckily for Gabe, the early morning light was starting to slip through his windows and illuminate his room. That’s when he felt the entity leave.

Recently though, Gabe admits that the entity has not done anything drastic. He even jokes that they may now be friends.

We’re not quite sure if this was a real incident or if it’s just a result of Gabe’s knack in storytelling. But if it were real, we really hope that the entity in Gabe’s room doesn’t bother him this holiday season. But until then, we wish you the best of luck with this, Gabe!

Via Giphy

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