Jollibee’s 1st branch in Spain brings out the best of PH colonization memes

September 29th, 2021

Sa Jollibee, bida ang saya!

And that line definitely holds true as Jollibee, the Philippines’ most beloved fast-food chain has finally made its way to Puerta del Sol—the center of Madrid, Spain. Filipinos in Spain can once again feel at home and taste the familiar flavors of Chickenjoy and many other choices in Jollibee’s biggest branch yet. 

The hype was already real ever since the Jollibee Foods Corporation announced the opening of a Jollibee branch in Spain and proved to be worth the excitement when the branch’s interiors were also revealed. And believe it or not, people already lined up in front of the Jollibee branch a night before its opening (around 10PM).

Yup, Filipinos really love this happy bee. 

As much as Filipinos and some Spaniards were excited to get the first taste and look at Jollibee’s biggest branch in Europe, Filipinos back in the Philippines (and possibly around the world) celebrated this branch’s opening in the most appropriate of ways—memes. 

Filipinos online flooded social media with various Jollibee and colonization memes, and every single one of them made a lot of sense. You could probably call it a history class of some sorts, but without the memorization or anything like that. 

Others called it reverse colonization, while some said it’s just Spain getting a taste of its own medicine. Either way, Jollibee world domination soon besties. 


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