This entrepreneur invents products for ‘worldly problems’ that don’t really exist

September 16th, 2019

Let’s face it, life is full of stressful moments. And sometimes, even the smallest inconveniences can really get to us. Thankfully, there are inventors who never run out of solutions to our neverending needs or demands. A good case in point is Matt Benedetto, a Vermont solo entrepreneur and product designer, whose goal is to help solve the most difficult problems in the world…that don’t really exist.


The 29-year-old inventor runs the site called Unnecessary Inventions, a collection of products that provide people things that they probably don’t need now, but might be “useful” in the future. According to the website, Benedetto mentioned that he uses diverse methods like 3D printing, sewing, and mold making.

Below are just some of the unnecessary products he has done over the years, as shared by Facebook page SoMee – Social Media Redefined:

Crocs Gloves 

Although this isn’t an actual product, the Crocs Gloves feature all the best things from the well-known foam clog shoe, including a thick foam material and safety strap.

Baguette Backpack

For people who are always on the go, the Baguette Pack™️ is specially designed for your delicious baguette. While it can only be used to keep your baked bread dry and safe, Instagram users commented that it can help maintain good posture, too.

Avocado on a Stick

The Avocado on a Stick, which debuted in April, is a pre-mashed avocado packed in deodorant-style tube. Now, people can just easily make their favorite avocado snack anytime and anywhere.

Pizza Fannypack

Add some pizzazz to your favorite fanny packs! Benedetto also invented the Pizza FannyPack™️ so people could carry their favorite slices around their waists.

Cuisine Curtain

The Cuisine Curtain is probably the most popular invention in Benedetto’s collections. The mouth-size shower curtain, which comes in red with white polka dots, helps obnoxious eaters enjoy their meals in complete privacy.

Although the products seem meme-able and hilarious, some of his inventions are actually useful and have been sold within stores around the world.


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