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Your ‘hungry’ girlfriends will appreciate this special menu item from an Arkansas’ diner

July 09th, 2019

When we start dating someone, we suddenly become too conscious about our actions—especially when eating in front of our partner. Although most women tend to feel a little embarrassed about eating, food actually plays a significant role in building stronger relationships with people.

Aside from women’s difficulty to eat a huge hamburger in front of their boyfriends, deciding where to eat is another struggle. And to finally put an end to this ongoing debate, a restaurant from North Little Rock Arkansas, Mama D’s Diner created a menu that husbands or boyfriends can totally relate to.

Recently, the diner went viral online because of their unusual menu item called “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry.”

📣📣📣Special Menu📣📣📣Stop by to enjoy our homemade special receipt Mama D’s Noodle ( choice of veggie, chicken or shrimp)!…

Mama D's 发布于 2019年6月14日周五

The restaurant owner, Andrew Putra told InqPOP! that “I think everybody can relate that when we go out, our girlfriend or our wife will be like, ‘oh I’m okay with salad or I’m okay with this small thing or a drink,’ but at the end they’ll be picking on your food, We can give them their options now so people don’t have to spend too much, but they can get small portions that they can eat.”

The “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry”, which consists of french fries, fried chicken wings, or fried cheese sticks, costs $4.25 (Php 218.13). 

Putra was surprised that their menu went viral all over the world. They also received a lot of calls and inquiries if they could ship orders to other states. “Even had some customer[s] drive to North Little Rock from other states to try our food. We are thinking to have other chain restaurants [in] other states, then people could try our food as well. And we are planning to have [an] updated menu with some new items in the future as well.” he added.


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