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LOOK: Pinoy finds replica of a famous Filipino fast food restaurant in China

January 21st, 2019

Filipinos are known as food lovers, since they eat at least four times a day – breakfast, lunch, merienda (afternoon snacks), and dinner. This proves that food is a significant part of the Philippine culture.

Hence, fast food restaurants have been the go-to place of many Filipinos, especially on Sundays or “family days.” Probably, the most favored fast-food chain in the Philippines is “Jollibee”, which became popular because of its crispy fried chicken meals and most children birthday parties.

Recently, the food outlet became a viral topic online because of its alleged replica in China called “JoyRulBee”, which was posted by Facebook user Christopher Guzman.

Together with his wife, they dined in to try Chinese chain’s hamburger, ice cream, and fried chicken and compared it with the dishes from the original store in the Philippines.

Guzman said, “Bilang Pinoy, siyempre batang Jollibee pa rin tayo”. (As Filipinos, we grew up eating Jollibee. So, I would still prefer Jollibee, of course).

JOLLIBEE vs JOYRULBEE… saan ka…matindi ito kopyang kopya ang pwesto at may logo pa ng jollibee. sa 10years namin…

Posted by Christopher Guzman on Saturday, January 19, 2019

As shown in the video, the China-based food outlet has the same logo and menu as the original restaurant. Guzman said that he took some pictures and videos of it because he was amazed to see his favorite Filipino fast-food restaurant in China.

JOLLIBEE vs JOYRULBEE… saan ka…matindi ito kopyang kopya ang pwesto at may logo pa ng jollibee. sa 10years namin sa china ngayon lang kami nakakita ng ganito. makakakain nga kami, copy naman hehehe. sana naging totoong jollibee na lang ito…PINOY KAMI… KAY JOLLIBEE PARIN KAMI…

Posted by Christopher Guzman on Saturday, January 19, 2019

With more than 157,000 views and 8,600 shares, the photos and videos garnered different opinions and reactions from many netizens.




Charles Colton once said that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” but the truth is that being unique and original can be your competitive advantage to bringing out the best in you.

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