You wouldn’t guess how fans reacted when Linkin Park breaks the habit with “Heavy”

March 31st, 2017

Their new song feels like it’s crawling in our skin…

When veteran rock band Linkin Park released their latest single, Heavy featuring Kiiara, from their seventh studio album One More Light, it left the whole world dumbstruck…

Linkin Park, Heavy, Fans, New Song, React

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…not with awe but with disbelief!

It seems like their new sound didn’t sit well with their fans who have been with them since Hybrid Theory. If you haven’t listened to it, go ahead and ruin 2 mins and 49 seconds of your life. Or maybe not.

Since its release, fans around the world have been very vocal about what they thought of Linkin Park’s new song. Some hated it, some liked it, while others were still undecided.

Fine Brothers Entertainment dedicated one episode of their REACT series to teens reacting to Linkin Park’s new song and music video without revealing the band’s name.

Linkin Park, Heavy, Fans, New Song, React

Screengrabbed from Teens REACT

The only clue they gave the participants was that this band has been around for a long time. Guess what these teens said during the first few seconds of the song?

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