Fed up New York Times editors turn over FB cooking group to members

March 24th, 2021

The New York Times set up a Facebook group two years ago for their NYT Cooking section, forming a community of food enthusiasts. However, the publication is abandoning the group after it went rogue.

Editors have decided to take its name off the page as they have failed to control the group’s content — leading them to turn over their ownership to its members. They officially announced the news to their 77,000 members in a statement posted on ‘The New York Times Cooking Community’.

The company explains that the interests of the page have grown to expand beyond recipes. Ultimately, the editors believe that it was no longer the cooking group they intended it to be. But what did they expect to happen with only four moderators who are too busy with their full-time jobs? It was only about time until the memes would be too much to handle.

The Facebook group ran into moderation issues in the past after someone broke a “no politics” rule set by The New York Times. A member shared a post that favored a particular candidate. While it was swiftly taken down, it also sparked a trend in the community. People began uploading photos of food that spelled out “vote.”

They concluded that it would be best for the ‘Cooking Community’ to be run by those who have been engaged in the Facebook page. True to the group’s brand, the response from members were just as chaotic.


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