Forget Pinterest: ‘Home Buddies’ is now the go-to group for room makeovers

March 23rd, 2021

Sorry Pinterest, but it looks like another platform is taking over as the go-to channel for Filipino DIY enthusiasts. Looking to spice up your space? ‘Home Buddies’ is a fast-growing Pinoy Facebook group that has everything you need.

The pandemic has left us compelled to keep ourselves busy while we remain safe in our households — sparking a surge in renovation projects. This inspired Frances Cabatuando to create ‘Home Buddies’, a community of people hoping to transform their homes. Frances is a full-time copywriter and the blogger behind Nobi Home.

Dubbed as “kapitbahays,” members of the Facebook group share all kinds of wholesome content–from their own home improvement journeys, to tips, and even niche memes.

Home Buddies posts

People also turn to ‘Home Buddies’ to ask for advice on their personal projects or recommendations for products they’re on the hunt for.

Home Buddies

The group not only serves as an online vision board, but it takes the entire premise of Pinterest up a notch by offering exclusive deals for its members. Cleverly named as “Budolletin Board” (na-budol in this context refers to being “conned” into buying items from e-commerce sites because of the group’s stream of inspiring home improvement posts), Home Buddies regularly shares special promo codes for stores like HandO Furniture.

Frances also hosts “Monday Market,” which is an official thread for members to buy and sell things through the Facebook group.

Kapitbahays are granted the chance as well to get rid of items that they may no longer want. “Friendsgiving” is held every 18th of the month where members can give away anything they want for free and pass it on to someone who can make use of it.

This encourages the community to make more sustainable choices and even make a friend along the way connecting more home enthusiasts together.


Home Buddies Friendsgiving Day


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