Celeb photographer Juergen Teller’s unusual work sparks memes

February 26th, 2021

“20 seconds, two clicks.”

We’ve all been through a phase where we took our digicams to impromptu photoshoots with friends or family. Some of us may have even thought that we were ‘America’s Next Top Model’ material at one point, but alas, not everyone is built that way. But it looks like amateur lighting and awkward poses might actually be “in” now thanks to fashion photographer Juergen Teller.

The German artist has been the talk of Twitter recently after W Magazine released some bizarre celebrity portraits for their ‘Best Performances‘ series. The stars were posing against a backdrop of an unkempt street in L.A. — the composition never shying away from surrounding construction sites and litter. With an informal approach, the concept supposedly frames the A-listers in contrast to their typically polished lives, albeit still pretty unusual.

People are dumbfounded by how ridiculous some of these photos look.

Tag yourselves, I’m Shaq hiding behind a skinny tree.

Now, Juergen Teller’s work is being turned into memes  taking random stills from television shows, paparazzi shots, throwback photos, and slapping his name on it. Better watch out, W Magazine.

While there is merit to Juergen Teller’s artistic ch0ices, seeing celebrities with constipated facial expressions sure is hilarious.


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