Events company rising up from the pandemic opens online store

July 31st, 2020

Life has been difficult for most of us since lockdowns were imposed last March 2020 to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus and mitigate the health risks of the pandemic.

Enforced social distancing measures meant that people need to physically break away and retreat into as much isolation as possible to protect everyone’s health.  For the Party Planning and Events Management industry, this means a lot of back steps into uncertainties.

But passion and purpose are not hindered by obstacles. If anything, these are made more relevant and stronger by adversities.

Happy Events Inc. People

Happy Events Inc. is in the business of bringing people together and creating blissful memories. We believe that the COVID crisis has proven that we, humans, are social beings. Our innate tendency to long for positive interactions and meaningful connectedness is in each of us regardless of the circumstances.

Although physical distancing is required, we must continue to put our heads together and think of all possible ways to look after each other. Our Happy Events Inc. founder, Deegee de Guzman, leads in this endeavor.

Deegee de Guzman, Happy Events, Inc. Founder

Utilizing the trademark creativity and savviness of Happy Events Inc., Deegee crafted a business idea that will propel his team’s spirit forward and continuously stream revenue.

Hence, HappyHub store was conceptualized. This online store was launched to supplicate the livelihood of the employees of Happy Events Inc. What was only meant to be a contingency income source turned out to be a promising enterprise on its own.

HappyHub Store is a digital marketplace where buyers can satisfy their food cravings by ordering sweet treats like caramel bars, ensaymadas, and egg pies. Savory Filipino staples such as daing and bagoong are also available. Dairy products, concocted from partnership with local carabao farmers, are HappyHub Store’s most exciting offer to date. Cheerful chocolate and Sassy strawberry milk drinks are turning out to be the crowd favorite best-seller.

With this new enterprise, we promise to deliver the same excellent service our clients have come to expect from Happy Events Inc. in the past seven years.

As a business that thrives on making people happy, we will always commit to give the best quality experience to people who want to celebrate, collaborate and create together.

With this in mind, Happy Events Inc. is proud to offer our Events management services adapted to the ‘new normal’ where getting together is innovative and safe. We successfully took the challenge to upskill our team in set design, IT fixtures , branding and marketing for:  webinars, award shows and online corporate meet-ups. Choosing us to work for you will enable your team to focus more on content and productivity.

As one Happy team, we are blessed that this crisis has brought us the opportunity to expand our services to digital platforms, build local partnership and create online marketplace.

There’s never been a more opportune time to innovate Filipino businesses and patronize local vendors than at this time. We are grateful that we have been instrumental in creating means to make this possible.

Join our HappyHub Store Facebook page at to be the first to check out a variety of exciting offers. You can also reach us through these numbers: 09178845188 and 09498893907.


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