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LOOK: 85-year-old grandmother shines in her own fauxtoshoot

June 27th, 2020

Taking selfies has become sort of an equalizing activity for all mankind–cutting across all ages, socio-economic classes, even generational mindsets.

Almost everyone has had a selfie taken ever since we were introduced to front-facing cameras, and every social media platform is just bursting to the (bandwidth) seams with every type of self-portrait imaginable. It’s a craze, really, and it’s never really left.

So it’s no surprise that even the elderly are in on the whole selfie thing, as evidenced by the glam shots of 85-year-old Aida Alcala Enriquez, fondly referred to as “Lola Aida” by her family and friends.

Her grandchildren Enriquez Jaira  and Aliz Paelmo Alcala posted her photos on Facebook, with the intention of showing off just how Lola Aida can werk the camera, even at her age. Enriquez and Alcala captioned the post with “Wala pa din mas gaganda kay lola.” (Nothing will ever be more beautiful than grandma).

Though treated with filters and edited to look like magazine covers, the photos undeniably highlight the beauty of graceful aging, such as in the case of Lola Aida. Online comments point to an overall amazement of her natural beauty and her ability to pose like a real model.

Here are some of the pictures from her creative fauxtoshoot done at home:

Photo credit: Jaira

Photo credit: Jaira

Photo credit: Jaira

Photo credit: Jaira

Photo credit: Jaira

Photo credit: Jaira

Enriquez and Alcala says they are grateful for all the nice messages and comments they have been receiving on the post. /VT


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