Learning French can be incredibly hard and funny, and here’s why

June 03rd, 2020

Learning a new language as an adult is already hard as it is, but what happens when you try to learn a language with multiple words that seemingly sound the same? You’re in for some giggles and a whole lot of SMH.

One of the latest trends on Tiktok recently is when people use Google to translate certain French words using its built-in audio translator Google Voice, and that when these words are taken collectively, it sounds like a broken LP on repeat.

Here’s a prime example posted by Tiktok user @salimlut:


Instagram user @mexemluv, international model and self-proclaimed CEO of French lessons, became popular on Tiktok after posting several memes on French translations. One of his most popular posts on IG garnered more than 143,000 views, seen here:

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If you’re bored out of your wits at home during this quarantine, you can try this for yourself and enjoy a few good laughs.

Bonne chance avec ça!

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