This eco-friendly app can help reduce single-use water bottles, here’s how

January 09th, 2020

Inadequate sanitation and shortage of landfill sites are factors that contribute to the amount of waste produced every year. There are predictions that by 2025, 1.8 billion people from different parts of the world will experience “absolute water scarcity” and about two-thirds of the world’s population will face extreme water-stressed conditions.

Hence, a community of responsible travelers, business owners, and locals in Bali, Indonesia made a conscious effort to reduce plastic pollution by providing access to clean drinking water through the RefillMyBottle app released last January 2019.

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The mobile application also aims to reduce the single-use of plastic bottles with its impressive features—one of which is the “Global Impact” section that tracks the number of bottles you have saved when you refill them.

Hi Water Bottle Bringers! Have you heard of this app, RefillMyBottle? I just saw and downloaded this today and I think this is the best place to share ☘️ It shows you a map where you can refill your bottle and more. 🐳 App users can add stations. There are hydration spots in Metro Manila, but not much. 🧐For sure there are more but they need to be added so that many people can find it. Where do you usually refill yours? Can you help add a water station? 🎖🎖🎖

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The app also has the “Daily Water Intake” option that serves as a guide to every user’s water consumption on a regular basis. Besides consumption, you will also be reminded to refill one bottle at a time.

App users can make an impact on helping fight plastic pollution by simply creating an account and selecting their preferred bottle size. Moreover, users may gain points or vouchers every time you utilize the app’s services like adding new locations for refill stations.

Here’s a sample of a refilling station for “water bottle bringers” within the Makati area.


In an interview with InqPOP!, Founder of the RefillMyBottle app, Alexander Tsuk said that they have witnessed the increasing problems in the island of Bali for the past three years that’s why they decided to create an app that will provide “access to drinking water to all who need it – without having to buy a plastic water bottle.” According to Tsuk, RefillMyBottle has currently listed more than 2,600 stations around the globe–adding that “You can make an impact by simply refilling your bottle and not buying single-use plastic bottled water. Every refill counts! Join the #refillution.”

A simple alternative and effort like this app will surely make a difference—however, we must also continue to discipline and educate ourselves so the future generation will be more responsible in helping reduce the world’s waste management problem.

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