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Woman orders customized cake for her niece, gets this funny design instead

July 05th, 2019

Birthdays are a special time for many individuals. For one, it’s the annual event wherein they can celebrate their existence and realize how well-loved they are by their peers and family members. Second (and more importantly), it’s an excuse to eat tons and tons of cake!


The birthday cake will always be a staple on this occasion. Oftentimes, this baked good contains heartfelt messages for the celebrant. Other times, it contains quirky and funny designs to make the birthday boy or girl smile and laugh on their special day. In this case, however, this Facebook user received an #epicfail when the bakery she ordered from failed to capture what she initially requested on her niece’s cake.

In a Facebook post shared to the Who’s Your Pupper, Senpai group, Mari Arielle Lajom shares that her initial design was to have this particular image replicated on top of the child’s birthday cake.

The image of Lajom’s niece is covered to protect the identity of the child. Photo Credit: Facebook.com

But they did not receive a cake with Lajom’s design request, they got this delivered instead–a round cake with only the face of their pet dog Bailey. Upon seeing this, her family could not stop laughing.

The name of the child has been blurred from the cake, upon the request of the family. Photo Credit: Facebook.com

However, the bakeshop in Malolos, Bulacan, made it up to the family and gave them a free chocolate cake coupled with many colorful candlesticks. Needless to say, the birthday celebrant was elated to have a new cake.

The image of the child and her name have been blurred from this picture to protect her identity. Photo Credit: Facebook.com/Mari Arielle Lajom.

Even though their first cake order was a birthday #fail, we’re glad this child got a good laugh on her special day. Happy Bark-day, little girl!


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