This artist tried to find her bully on Facebook, shares tragic results through comics

June 22nd, 2018

Different people who have been bullied cope in different ways in order to heal, move on, or even forgive. To some, or even most of us, we live the rest of our lives having these bullies attached to our memory despite doing our best to forget.

For Canadian artist Meghan Lands who was bullied for years as a child, she turned to art when she tried to look up her bully recently. “I think a lot of us do this kind of mild self-harm where we look up people who have hurt us in the past, whether on Facebook or elsewhere,” Lands told Bored Panda.

“Growing up is tough to begin with, and in school we have to contend with this social pecking order that’s constantly reasserting or reorganizing itself.”

This comic is the result of her search for the bully, which she saw as a “rejected anthology submission”:

To date, the comic has reached over 150,000 tumblr notes. “When I initially posted the comic I received so much feedback that I drew a response of sorts. A lot of people reached out to me with concerns or to share their own experiences, and I felt kind of a responsibility to respond.”

And as her response, Lands created another comic for all those who were able to relate and support her initial work. You can find the it here.

Know more about Meghan Lands through her website! InqPOP!/Bea Constantino

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