This quiz will reveal your mom’s alter ego from the cartoon world!

May 10th, 2017

Ever wondered how your mom can fix your fave breakfast, pack the best baon, make time to hang out with you after school, and still looks fresh and perky at the same time? We’ve always wondered too!

Well, we’ll tell you a secret: your mom is secretly a cartoon character when she was young! Okay, we’re only trying to pull your leg. But seriously, if your mom has an alter ego and it is a cartoon character, who do you think she might be?

Take this quiz and find out, kiddo!


a. Overprotective
b. Caring & Sweet
c. Patient & Forgiving
d. Loving
e. A disiplinarian
a. Elegant
b. Classic
c. Fashionable
d. Simple
e. Preppy
a. Pets
b. Volunteering in the community
c. Cooking
d. Taking care of you and your siblings
e. Books
a. Strict
b. Generous
c. Orderly
d. Persistent
e. Optimistic
a. Role played as an animal in a play
b. Joined a beauty contest
c. Tried several odd jobs
d. Protected you from a bully in school
e. Gave you an advice that’s from a famous author

You got our of 16 right!

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