‘Glow up of the century’: Mango Flute girl places 1st in spelling bee contest

September 30th, 2021

Everybody raise your mango floats for a toast, because ‘Mango Flute’ girl just had the glow up of the century. 

If you don’t know or remember the Mango Flute meme, here’s a refresher. Back in 2014, Pauline Arucan posted on social media that “mango flute” was delicious. By that, she meant mango float, but she misspelled “float” as “flute,” and people did not hesitate to correct her spelling. 

However, Pauline gave a surprising and hilarious response to the people correcting her. She responded with: “may nagcorek skin… MANGO FLOAT daw… huh ?? magic ?? lumulutang yung mango ? xD aral poh ksi muna…” [“Someone corrected me…said it was MANGO FLOAT. Magic? The mango literally floats? I suggest you study first.”] Pauline’s spelling error and her response to the corrections earned her the title of Mango Flute girl, and it became a popular meme.

Pauline made a separate thread back in 2019 further explaining how the Mango Flute meme came to be. She shared that she made the Mango Flute post as a joke back in July 2014 because at the time there was a trend about sifting through Twitter for old accounts that had tweets written in jejemon. She found the jejemon tweets funny so she decided to hop onto the trend and make her own tweet in jejemon. She wrote in her tweet that the “mango flute” was delicious.

According to Pauline, her tweet went around the platform for about two weeks with about 100 retweets. No one really bashed her because one look at her Twitter account clearly showed that she doesn’t really tweet in jejemon.

However, what really started the meme was a Facebook post. Someone had taken a screenshot of her jejemon tweet and shared it on Facebook. Her name was omitted from the Facebook post for anonymity, but when her friends saw the post, they immediately recognized her and started messaging her about it. Her tweet then became viral and was even featured on TV Patrol.

But now, seven years after the whole Mango Flute thing, it looks like Pauline Arucan has already moved on and greatly improved her spelling. She shared on Twitter that she had won first place in a spelling bee contest held at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. 

In Pauline’s tweet, she wrote “glow up of the century,” alluding to her progress from being Mango Flute Girl to winning 1st place at a spelling bee competition. To keep up the Mango Flute joke, she added to the thread: “MANGO FLUTE GURL MARUNONG NA MAG-SPELL?? (NOT A CLICKBAIT)”.

People on Twitter have congratulated Pauline on her win, with some even calling her win “growth” and “character development.” 

Congrats on your spelling bee win, Pauline! That’s character development right there!


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