Fans of Genshin Impact are disappointed with game’s anniversary rewards

September 29th, 2021

Popular Chinese game Genshin Impact reached its 1-year anniversary on September 28, 2021, and to celebrate their successful 1-year ride, MiHoYo posted a 1-minute video entitled, “Together on a Long Journey” on their YouTube channel and social media. Not only that, the Chinese game developer also offered a variety of rewards and events to fans in celebration of Genshin Impact’s 1 year anniversary, such as contests for cosplayers, artists, streamers, and other content creators. 

However, this didn’t really sit well with the fans, who have been anticipating a myriad of in-game rewards from the developer and other events that would include most of the characters. Many members of the Genshin Impact community raised their feelings of disappointment towards the underwhelming rewards and events being done by MiHoYo on social media, aside from greeting the game a happy birthday. 

Fans of the game even went on the Apple App Store and Google Play store to send in their sentiments towards the game’s first anniversary offers—with a low rating. 

Fans have been talking all about the game’s first anniversary for a while now. Some have even said that it would be a good idea if MiHoYo decided to suddenly give out a free 5-star character, or anything else of significance, like the 1.3 update with the Lantern Rite Festival event. An article by Forbes was also written about it. 

To be fair, Genshin Impact fans are right to be mad at MiHoYo for not doing their best in the game’s first year anniversary. After being crowned the “Game of the Year” at the recently concluded Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Awards and at the 2020 Google Play and Apple’s App Store Best of 2020 awards, hype for the game has increased over a tenfold. And with those small “rewards”; a daily log-in event with small gifts, a content creator contest with not much profit, among many others, it’s no doubt that fans are outright dismayed over it. 

As of writing, MiHoYo hasn’t released any statement regarding its poor anniversary rewards, or the outcry it has been receiving from fans. (Word is that they’re doing a crackdown or censorship on anything negative about it, but who knows?)

Happy first anniversary, Genshin Impact! Will there be more rewards soon? (Please). 


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