Japan-based engineering firm develops an earthquake-resistant wall

September 24th, 2021

Japan-based engineering firm Kozo Keikaku Kenkyusho (also known as Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Inc.) has developed a wall structure designed to be resistant to seismic waves caused by earthquakes.

Made with cross-laminated (CLT) timber panels, the wall is built in a checkered pattern, supported by steel plates and drift pins. Seismic integrity, daylighting, passive ventilation were all taken into consideration when the block wall was developed, along with an aesthetically pleasing design.

earthquake-resistant wall

This earthquake-resistant wall design will be incorporated into the Heisei Gakuen Himawari Kindergarten (also known as “Children’s garden”), which is currently being designed by Kengo Kuma & Associates, who are teaming up with Kozo Keikaku Kenkyusho for the project. The Kindergarten will have a two-storied structure and will be surrounded by a garden. The earthquake-resistant CLT wall structure will be used for the building’s facade.

According to Kozo Keikaku Kenkyusho, the earthquake-resistant CLT checkered block wall makes securing lighting and ventilation possible, which were common issues encountered by the panel construction method with a wall structure. This solution also allows for a CLT building that incorporates design and workability.

earthquake-resistant wall

Along with the modular construction strategy, the team hopes to expand its development so that its earthquake-resistant quality may also be used for other types of construction, such as steel and reinforced concrete.


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