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Would you buy a handbag that looks like Japanese instant noodles packaging?

August 26th, 2021

If you’re a fan of instant ramen, this handbag designed for the 50th anniversary of the Cup Noodles, or Cup Noodle (in Japan), may be the highlight of your day. It’s a fashionable, larger-than-life version of the food that has been a comfort to busy workers, students and others around the world for half a century.

Japanese publishing house Takarajimasha has teamed up with Nissin Foods, the parent company of the noodle product, to celebrate 50 years of instant noodles. What does the collaboration consist of? A limited edition magazine on the theme of the food, accompanied by a line of kitschy accessories, with no fewer than five varieties to satisfy the palate or the style preferences of most people.

Do your tastebuds run more to seafood, classic, or chili tomato noodles? Your answer will determine which handbag model could soon be in your closet. Because yes, these are the three varieties that are offered with the limited-edition magazine. Two of the varieties come in two distinct sizes.

instant noodles bag

Image: Cup Noodle via ETX Daily Up

And if you are a regular connoisseur of instant noodles, you will appreciate the precision and the taste for detail in the design of these bags, or pouches, which represent the iconic ramen cups, right down to the cat’s face found under the product’s tab. There’s a photo with pens, scissors and other necessary materials for school tucked into the bag, but some users may want to store their daily necessities in it and carry it around everywhere.

A big advantage is that these handbags are much cheaper than traditional ones: between ¥1,850 and ¥2,178 yen (about $17 to $20, or about P840 to P990), although a bit more expensive than the (real) instant noodle cups. They are available online via JB


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