German DJ Zedd unintentionally exposes Japan’s ‘flawed’ quarantine policies

September 21st, 2021
Zedd Japan

International DJ Zedd. INQUIRER File Photo

Zedd posted a “lavish touchdown” update on Twitter as he flew to Japan for the Supersonic Music Festival 2021 held this weekend at the Baseball Stadium, Chiba Prefecture in Japan.

“JAPAN! I’m here! Can’t wait to see you all at Supersonic Tokyo!!!!” He captioned.

The 1-minute video clip of the Grammy-nominated DJ happened to be a room tour of his fancy hotel suite, showing a display of fresh fruits, a gaming PC from Maingear, and some Valorant goodies.

In the video, Zedd mentioned that he will stay in the hotel suite for three and a half days in compliance with the quarantine period set to them as a visitor of the country.

However, the Twitter post seemed to have struck a chord with some Japanese citizens and even returning permanent residents who have been trying to enter Japan, but with stricter quarantine rules imposed upon them.

For every returning Japanese citizen or permanent resident, a quarantine period of fourteen days and a 24/7 monitoring via tracking device installed on their mobile phones will be required.

Many people found Zedd’s three-and-a-half-day compliance for celebrities to be an unfair quarantine policy against regular people. Some posts on Twitter can be seen criticizing the unfair policies mandated by the Japanese government.

The strict quarantine policies and travel bans continue to bring a lot of inconvenience to students, workers, and families, not only in Japan but everywhere else in the world where lockdowns are still imposed. Yet, famous personalities like Zedd, who show off their relatively relaxed quarantine experience from a privileged perspective, just adds insult to injury.

Supersonic 2021 also saw Alan Walker and Steve Aoki perform live for Japanese audience.



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