D.O.’s possible collaboration with an artist leaves fans with mixed emotions

July 17th, 2021

ICYMI: D.O. from EXO is finally making his solo debut this July 26, 2021! He will be making his solo debut with an 8-track album titled “Empathy”, with the title track’s lyrics (and English bonus track!) written by D.O. himself!

“Rose”, the mini-album’s title track, was described by SM Entertainment as a “heart fluttering acoustic folk song” in a tweet teasing fans for the album’s upcoming release. Fans are both excited and unprepared for the solo debut of EXO’s main vocal, sending their reactions and thoughts to the original tweet.

However, fans are even more bewildered when they saw an Instagram post by 220musik of D.O.’s mood sampler video who tagged another K-Pop music artist/producer, who is none other than eaJ Park, more popularly known as Jae from DAY6. 

Upon seeing this Instagram post, fans are beginning to speculate on this possible collaboration between two talented artists, with some even trying to “connect the dots” with some of Jae’s former tweets and Instagram lives. 

Do note though that this isn’t confirmed (yet), so let’s just take a breather and wait (although I know that’s hard).

Can July 26, 2021 come any sooner? We all can’t wait for D.O.’s solo debut! 


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