Pudgy Woke’s owner confirms death of the famous ‘Owa Owa’ dog

July 17th, 2021

Pudgy – also known as Pudgy Woke or the “Owa Owa” dog – has passed away, confirmed by his owner Malachy James. Rumors of Pudgy’s death have been going around online for a while now, and Malachy finally spoke up about what really happened to the beloved TikTok dog. 

On July 16, Malachy posted a YouTube video titled “What really happened to Pudgy.” In the video, he revealed that Pudgy died after being bit by another dog. Malachy met someone who had his dog on a leash, and after brief introductions, the guy said that he wanted Pudgy to meet his dog. Malachy, who expected that the dogs would just sniff each other, said that “just wasn’t the case,” because the man’s dog immediately bit Pudgy. 

According to Malachy, Pudgy was quickly taken to the animal hospital after the incident. Pudgy was sedated, and Malachy thought that a few stitches will fix him up, but he was told that Pudgy would need to undergo surgery. The surgery would cost about 12-15k. Malachy gave the go signal for the surgery, but he was told that Pudgy’s chances of surviving were slim even after his operation. Because of this, they decided that it was best to put Pudgy down. 

Pudgy was a long-haired Chihuahua who became popular on social media. He was well-known for his bark, which earned him the name the “Owa Owa” dog because his bark sounded like “owa owa.” He garnered a total of 12.4 million followers on TikTok, 446k fans on Instagram, and 12k followers on Twitter. 

After the confirmation of Pudgy’s death, tributes and messages from fans of the “Owa Owa” dog quickly poured in on social media. 

Pudgy came to be under Malachy’s care when his friend found him on the street and brought him home. His friend couldn’t take care of him, so Malachy and his mother decided to adopt Pudgy. 

Everybody say “owa owa” in memory of Pudgy.


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