NOSEiD can help reunite lost dogs and their owners with just a nose scan

April 21st, 2021

Pet care brand IAMS has launched a beta version of a mobile app ‘NOSEiD’ that helps bring missing dogs home.

A dog’s nose is as unique as a fingerprint which can be used to identify lost dogs. In collaboration with communications agency Adam & Eve/DDB, NOSEiD uses advanced technology to scan nose prints with your phone. If there’s a match with a registered dog, users can contact their owner to reunite them with their furry friend.

NOSEiD nose scanning mobile app for missing dogs

Once it’s fully launched, you’ll be able to create a profile for your dog with their unique nose scan and physical description, such as their breed, coat color, and other distinct features.

Users will be able to report it on the app if their pet goes missing. NOSEiD will then send an alert to nearby users along with an interactive map.

NOSEiD nose scanning app for missing dogs


1 in 3 pets will get lost at some point in their lifetime, so NOSEiD is a promising preventive measure for owners to keep track of their pets.

IAMS has partnered with local animal shelters and businesses to implement the use of NOSEiD in looking after their furry friends.

The app is still undergoing beta testing in Nashville on Android and iOS devices.



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