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EXO’s D.O. 1st solo album to released in July

Nine years later, we’re finally getting a D.O. solo album. 

EXO’s D.O. also known as D.O Kyung-soo will be releasing his first solo album nine years after his first debut as the main vocalist of South Korean-Chinese boyband EXO.

According to reports, SM entertainment confirmed that the solo album of D.O. would be released by the end of July.

In January D.O. went live via V live where he talked to his fans and unveiled details about his solo album and mentioned that the album is in process and he is working hard.

“I had a great time today. That…solo album, you know, I recorded [some songs] already. And I have more recordings this week and next week. So, please look forward to it, everyone,” D.O. said as he ended the live.

In 2019 D.O. released his first single ‘That’s okay’ for SM station and ‘Crying out’ as an OST for the korean film ‘Cart’.

Fans shared their cheers and excitement on the release of D.O.’s album. 

𝔁𝓮𝓵 ⊙♡⊙ˎˊ˗ (kyungseng) | June 25, 2021

하나 Jinho’s intern (@daisymystar) | June 25, 2021

يوهان (@u_han94) | June 25, 2021

Peach || DKS1 (@theAlmoKyung) | June 25, 2021

Agnes (@doyasasi) | June 25, 2021

Aside from being a vocalist, D.O is also an actor and worked in dramas such as ‘Unforgettable’, ‘My Annoying Brother’, ‘100 Days my Prince’ and more. Recently he is filming ‘The Moon’ directed by Kim Yong Hwa. In addition, EXO recently released their album ‘Don’t Fight the Feeling.’

We can’t wait to hear your amazing vocals D.O.




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