Some of the most hilarious Twitter reactions to Taylor Swift’s throwback song with Colbie Caillat

April 10th, 2021

What an exciting time for Swifties the world over!

Taylor Swift recently debuted her re-recorded “Fearless” album which features a song which many of us related to, at one point in our lives.

Back in 2008, Taylor Swift released “Breathe” which she co-wrote and co-sung with singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat. The Grammy award winner shared that during the time she was coming up with the idea for the song, Colbie was also in town for a show; the two sat down and had the most amazing time writing the song.

Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift

Colbie Caillat and Taylor Swift


It’s quite refreshing to once again hear the warm and melancholic sound of the ‘Bubbly’ singer, so this throwback collaboration surely brings excitement, nostalgia, and–for some–hilarity to many fans. With that in mind, we took to Twitter to round up some of the very best reactions to this re-release:

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