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For $100, British politician & Brexit Man Nigel Farage will say anything you tell him to

April 10th, 2021

Remember when Fiverr was a big thing back in 2017? You could have anyone from Jesus impersonators to professional actors do vids for you at a price. Well Nigel Farage has joined in on the action.

You may know Nigel Farage as a conservative British politician, talk show host, or as the former leader of the Brexit Party. But what is he up to nowadays you might ask? Apparently he’s got a lot of time on his hands since he set up a Cameo last March 22. 

Cameo is a site in which you can pay celebrities and actors to say whatever you want for a price, much like how Fiverr acted a few years back – this time with a more high profile selection.

The internet of course, took this opportunity and ran with it by making him say as many memes as they can.

“A Great pog day, Big Chungus sends his regards.” – Nigel Farage, 2021

You can make him wish birthdays for friends as well. One Twitter user made Nigel wish a happy birthday for Sneed, a character from the Simpsons. Nigel, unknowingly took this request to heart and gave a serious message to the fictional celebrant.

Nigel isn’t the only politician on Cameo, albeit he is probably the most high profile one yet. You can also find sports icons like Mike Tyson for a hefty $999 per video (talk about a heavyweight.) Actress and model Lindsay Lohan is also on the platform.

All in all, Cameo is a great site if you want to wish someone well or just looking to make some pricey memes.

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