The “Women Posting Their W’s” Twitter page is the type of energy we need

April 09th, 2021

The internet can be a pretty toxic place and especially with all the disheartening news circulating nowadays, a lot of us are struggling to find crumbs of hope online as a motivation to keep going.

‘Women Posting Their W’s’ aims to do exactly that. This corner on Twitter empowers women on their timeline and celebrates wins both big or small, iconic or ironic. They feature screenshots and stories of women succeeding in their respective fields.

According to the owner of the Twitter page, Women Posting Their W’s was created in contrast to another account. Though similar, the opposing page cultivated a misogynist culture while Women Posting Their W’s wanted to uplift others instead of tearing them down.

“I started this account in February because I was tired of all of the misogyny from the Women Posting Ls page and wanted a positive space for women (it used to be a personal account). It looks like there are more people who want to see women winning, so that is a W for everyone.”

Women Posting Their W’s currently has more followers than the Women Posting Ls account.

This Twitter page is exactly the type of energy we need on the internet — where women can empower one another and have a safe space to celebrate breaking the glass ceiling.


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