Never mind your zodiac sign and MBTI type, what’s your gamer profile?

April 01st, 2021

You’ve probably been labeled by your zodiac sign and MBTI personality type, but what about your gamer motivation?

Game analytics company Quantic Foundry came up with a survey that tells you exactly what type of gamer you are. Their algorithm looks into your favorite video games and how you interact with them to determine your Gamer Motivation Profile. The results of the test describes your traits and even contains suggestions for games you may like.

Gamer Motivation Profile

Quantic Foundry combines social science with data science to understand what drives gamers. They have collected data from over 450,000 respondents to develop the personality test.

Much like MBTI 16Personalities, there are many possible results that you could get on your Gamer Motivation Profile. There are 9 Quantic Gamer Types such as Acrobat, Gardener, Slayer, Skirmisher, Gladiator, Ninja, Bounty Hunter, Architect, and Bard.

It’s also possible for people to be assigned a secondary or blended type, with at total of 81 unique gamer type combinations.

You can take this unique personality test and maybe even discover some new games on the Quantic Foundry website.


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