This BTS caricature is insensitive amidst news of anti-Asian hate crimes

March 17th, 2021

BTS is being mocked for their Grammy snub with an insensitive illustration of the members portrayed as Whack-a-Moles being hit with a trophy.

Every year Topps, a company that specializes in collectible items, releases limited edition trading cards following the Grammys. The sets include caricatures of the nominees as “Garbage Pail Kids” in what was dubbed as the “Shammy Awards.” While artists were given witty names like Tree-Swift, Harry Boa, and Stunning Stallion, Topps found themselves under fire for the cards based on BTS.

Most of the caricatures were inspired by the performances of nominees and their attire, except for the cards ‘Bopping K-Pop’ and ‘BTS Bruisers’. The boy band was depicted being violently beaten with a Grammy.

With the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes, it was not taken lightly. Twitter users were quick to call out how the illustration was racially insensitive given the current political climate.

On the same day Topps released this edition of the Shammy Awards, six women of Asian descent were killed in Atlanta.

Needless to say, these collectibles were created in poor taste. Topps has yet to comment on the issue but fans are working to contact the company and Big Hit Entertainment in hopes of getting it taken down from the site.


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