Silhouette Challenge on Tiktok sparks conversation on consent

February 01st, 2021

TikTok’s latest Silhouette Challenge has recently raised some concerns as people have been trying to edit the videos — revealing women’s nude bodies without consent.

Thousands of people have taken part in the Silhouette Challenge, making it one of TikTok’s most viral trends. The challenge involves posing under a doorway in a casual outfit in a normal setting at the start. It then cuts to the subject in dimmed lighting, with a red filter over their seductive silhouette.

The platform is no stranger to thirst trap trends, encouraging those of age to flaunt their sexy side (if they choose to) in a safe and fun manner. The challenges often use the app’s editing feature to create creative transitions. For example, Buss It shows the users in their usual sweatpants and quickly transitioning to them all dolled up. So what makes the Silhouette Challenge risky in particular is that the point of it is to highlight their curves, with some people going completely nude and trusting the filter to cover up any explicit body parts.


the lightswitch didn’t want it to happen #foryou #bodyconfidence #allsizesmatter

♬ suono originale – Giulia Di Nicolantonio

Men have allegedly been downloading women’s TikToks and editing out the filter to expose their naked bodies. While you can’t completely remove the filter itself, it is still possible to remove the red tint and increase the video’s exposure to unveil a clear image. Twitter user @Masokiss_ was a recent target of this unfortunate agenda after her version went viral on the platform. Other users were able to pin it down on @Brezzlova as the culprit behind these predatory edits.

Fyi, report and block @Brezzlova. This is one of the people editing and posting women's silhouette challenge videos without the filter.

Just scrolling down his media tab, he's done this to over 10 women so far.

— Cult of Person-ass-ity (@angryblkhoemo) January 29, 2021

This incident sparked a conversation about consent on social media. Given the risk, they also warned women to not be fully naked if they want to participate in the Silhouette Challenge.

Y’all are predators who don’t grasp consent because you don’t want to grasp it. Full stop.

— sin-manuel miranda (@actuallyitsrene) January 29, 2021

Theres a new challenge called the #silhouettechallenge it uses a red light filter and men are using an app to remove the filter to see everything which defeats the purpose of the challenge and overrides consent from the women posting their videos

Men ruin everything

— Noxeema 🐝💛👄Jackson (@prime_bee) January 28, 2021

I said this yesterday and I'll say it again today.

DON'T DO THE #silhouettechallenge NAKED!

There is a creep who is removing the red filters from the video and exposing women's naked bodies!

DON'T DO THE #silhouettechallenge NAKED!

DON'T DO THE #silhouettechallenge NAKED!

— MPHO 🌻 (@MphoMoalamedi) January 29, 2021

PSA: if y’all do the #silhouettechallenge please do not do it completely naked. Long story short, red is a primary color that can be easily removed with video editing. If you don’t want your naked highly visible butt shared on the web.. you know the rest

— most hated 7 fig nig (@ZySavy) January 28, 2021


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