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22-year-old guy shares his love for his cat Cheetah in his poem ‘Beautiful Predator’

February 01st, 2021

The following #POPCreators entry was submitted by Lloyd Francis Navalta, a 22-year-old guy living in Anda, Pangasinan and a graduate of Pangasinan State University (PSU) last June 2018. He is currently waiting for an opportunity with the Department of Education (DepEd) Submissions under POP! Creator Community appears “as is,” without any editorial intervention.

Here’s the poem created by Navalta entitled “Beautiful Predator”:

Back when I was a child, I could reminisce,

I favor mammal, reptile, bird, amphibian, and fish.

Since then I know, I love fauna,

Since then I know, I have biology-inclined persona.

Since then I know, there’s kingdom and familia,

Of all bailiwick, I favor Animalia.

Under this domain, there’s so many subcategories,

My most favorite is indeed the cat family.

Endowed with lethal sharp claws,

Perfected with very sensible paws.

To have one is a blessing,

Coupled with their mesmerizing purring.

Unexpectedly, one day there came,

A creature I must tame.

From my friend, she gave me a companion,

With that, I can call a miniature lion.

Day after day, I spent time petting her,

Love her even with her stubborn character.

Daylights passed, still no nomenclature,

Cheetah, then I gave her because of acinonyx stature.

Now grown up that little kitty I know,

Terrifying inferior animals with terror and sorrow.

Can’t forbid her hunter instincts and nature,

Needless to prove, she’s a beautiful predator.

POP! Creator Community/Lloyd Francis Navalta


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