Park Bo Gum has been secretly volunteering at an orphanage for 7 years

September 15th, 2020

Just when you think Park Bo Gum couldn’t get anymore sweeter, the South Korean actor and singer was recently revealed to be a quiet sponsor of an orphanage for the past seven years.

Reports have been saying that before his enlistment to the military, he had sent a cake and a handwritten letter in advance to Myeongjin Flower Love Village’s orphanage. A source from Park Bo Gum’s agency Blossom Entertainment confirmed the actor’s kind gesture and volunteer work.

Park Bo Gum intended to visit the orphanage at the beginning of the year, but unfortunately due to safety concerns brought by the pandemic, he was unable to do so.

With a heart as big as his, he found a way to reach out to the children before going on hiatus to fulfill his military service.

It was also reported that the children had sent handwritten letters to Park Bo Gum. The orphanage thanked him on their social media as well.

“Actor Park Bo Gum, we are extremely touched and loved. We truly thank you for your unchanging love and interest in us for seven years. We will always support actor Park Bo Gum, who is always a positive influence on others. Please return in good health.”

Park Bo Gum is truly a gift that keeps on giving.

POP! Creator Community / Lyshiel Aranal

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