Mukbang vlogger loses 99 lbs after incredible weight-loss journey

September 16th, 2020

One of the OG mukbang vloggers, one of those rare few who actually eat and digest the food that they stuff their mouths, shared her weight-loss journey over her Youtube channel after losing a total of 99 lbs.

Yang Soo-bin, the South Korean Youtube star with more than 2.7 million subscribers, posted a video recently showing her 500-day weight-loss transformation.

She started her fitness journey in May 15 of last year weighing in at 289 lbs., and in the video you can see snippets of her exercising or eating healthy food throughout her transition.

She’s even posted her transformation on her Instagram account. She now weighs 190 lbs.

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🔥473일째 다이어트중🔥 오늘 공복 몸무게 86kg 진입,,(감격) 그리고 인바디도 오랜만에 하고 왔어요:) 1년 넘게 다이어트 하면서 근손실 1도 없이 체지방만 감량 되는게 신기 하네요 ㅋ_ㅋ 내장지방 레벨도 10이나 줄었어요..! 1년 넘게 흔들림 없이 꾸준하게 감량하고 건강길만 걷고 있는 나 양수빈 칭찬해~🙌 앞으로도 화이팅😖 여러분들도 제가 늘 응원 할테니 길게~길게~ 꾸준하게~ 화이팅 하세요!!💚❤️

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Yang went on a diet despite still making mukbang videos, although fans noticed that it wasn’t as frequent as before.

A fan from Spain expressed her admiration for what Yang has done, saying “OMG I’m so proud you made it, I’m about to cry, I remember the video where you recorded your first times going to the gym with the personal trainer, I thought you where gonna quit, I’m so happy. Thank you for demonstrating that it is possible and this well, love you so much from Spain.”

Another fan, meanwhile, sees Yang as an inspiration for her own weight-loss journey: “I’m so proud of you Ms. Yang Soo-bin, you are my inspiration in keeping my body healthy and fit. Thank you! I know your struggles in getting that body and continue to be healthy and fit!”

The video earned more than 500,000 views already as of this writing.

While we believe that everyone’s beautiful at any size, we congratulate Yang Soo-bin for taking the road towards a healthier version of herself.


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