Mukbang vlogger under fire for allegedly spitting out food after chewing them

August 23rd, 2020

Popular Mukbang Youtuber Moon Bok Hee is facing a lot of criticisms recently after viewers accused her of editing her videos in her channel, Eat with Boki, to hide the fact that she spits out the food after chewing them.

Moon earned her popularity on Youtube for her ASMR videos, which basically means people are getting a pleasurable sensory response to the sounds of her eating. People also noticed how she remained slim regardless of how much food she stuffs in her mouth.

But allegations on her supposedly edited videos are putting her in a bad light nowadays, and to date, she hasn’t responded to any of it.

In one post, Moon is seen with her mouth open and there’s still food inside, and then immediately it cuts to another scene where she tries to get a different food. Fans compared this to her posts when she was just starting to vlog, saying that she usually eats with her mouth closed, and that her way of eating made her different from other Mukbang Youtubers.

Because of instances like these, viewers are commenting in many of her posts timestamps where they think Moon spits the food out. They’re pretty pissed off with the idea that they’re being lied to, and that’s a pretty valid point.

However, people should also remember that there’s no governing rule anywhere in the world that says Mukbang vloggers should eat everything that they stuff in their mouths. It’s their own choice, and they don’t owe anyone any valid reason for doing so. Besides, it’s unhealthy. Maybe people just need to chill out and just enjoy the ASMR of it all.

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