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A Frozen 2 scene is making babies cry–and moms are posting videos of it online

May 14th, 2020

When kids and kids-at-heart watch the Frozen films, the first thing that they’d think of would probably be the music. Its catchy tunes and empowering messages have left people of all ages singing it on repeat. However, one song in the second Frozen film seems to be leaving a rather “negative” effect on babies. Because instead of smiles and giggles, these infants are left in tears as they listen to the song “Into The Unknown.”

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Tiktok user Chris Olea noticed this when he filmed his child crying after hearing singer AURORA’s voice in the Oscar-nominated track. In the caption of his video, he asked other parents if they’ve seen their child have a similar reaction to the song.

“Is my baby the only one? 😢#intotheunknown #frozen2 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #quarantine”, he wrote in his post.


Is my baby the only one? 😢🥺 #intotheunknown #frozen2 #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #quarantine

♬ original sound – itschrisolea

To his surprise, other moms have shared clips of their children crying to that particular scene. According to Cinemablend, it’s not the sentiment of the song that moves babies to tears, rather it’s the “pitch” of AURORA’s voice when she “calls” on Elsa.

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According to National Geographic‘s interview with Dr. Laurel Trainor of the McMaster University’s Institute for Music and the Mind in Hamilton, infants are very sensitive to the tempo of the music.

“Infants can discriminate tempo. More impressively, they can recognize the same piece of music played at different tempos. And infants are very good pitch processors. They notice when the pitch contour (up/down pattern) of a melody is changed,” Trainor explained.

So, it is possible that this change in tempo is what’s making babies cry in the Disney film.

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It looks like no more Frozen 2 movie streams for your toddlers, parents!

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