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Tired of the daily routine? Invite your friends to try out these virtual escape rooms

May 13th, 2020

People of all ages have enjoyed the thrill of escape rooms. From its eerie surroundings to its perplexing puzzles, these interactive installations have entertained groups of friends and families for a while now.

However, with the current health pandemic, people can no longer visit these escape rooms (at least, for the time being). Given this, the website decided to give people an alternative to the physical escape room–offering them a virtual one instead. Online users can invite their loved ones to join them in using clues to solve a mystery that will allow them to leave the virtual escape room.

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So, how does it work?

Much like actual escape rooms, the program will take you into one of the themed rooms. There, you and your friends will be given a series of hints and clues that will allow you to find a way out of the “online room”.

According to their website, it will take around one to two hours to solve the mystery and escape. Though this can be shortened depending on your team’s skill level.

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Interested gamers can enter into any of the five themed escape rooms–namely, Space Race, Cabin Fever, A Night At The Theatre, School’s Out, and Out Of Hours. And for the price of £7.99 (approximately 493. 52 PHP) per escape room, you and your friends can try your hand at solving puzzles and escaping from the virtual room.

Via Giphy

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