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Artist uses stained glass and wood to create fandom-inspired memorabilia

May 12th, 2020

Every artist has their own medium. From something as traditional as acrylic paint to something as complex as marble, these free spirits make use of art materials that will allow them to showcase their creativity. And in this particular case, artist Keth Pride makes use of a different combination of materials–namely wood and stained glass.

On his Instagram page, Pride showcases his various works of art using his unique set of materials. But more than just the intricate detail and finesse of his finished pieces, what makes his works additionally appealing to the public is that it’s a homage to many popular fandoms.

In an interview with My Modern Met, the artist revealed that he was an avid fan of Star Wars and Harry Potter–”I love incorporating form with function. This, when coupled with my love of science fiction and fantasy, is largely what has inspired my wood art lamp/clock pieces.”

Because of this, many of his works are centered on these fandoms. Check out some of the samples below:

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If you want to see more Keth Pride’s work, visit his Instagram at @woodland_porpoise_workshop.

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