Nahko And Medicine For The People release new single ‘Part Problem’

March 25th, 2020

Nahko And Medicine For The People release a dose of medicine with their propulsive and introspective new song “Part Problem” from the forthcoming album ‘Take Your Power Back’, coming May 15th via Medicine Tribe Records/SideOneDummy Records. Listen to “Part Problem” here: nahko.com/PartProblem

“Part Problem” reflects on the fact that no matter our circumstances or origins, we’re each ultimately responsible for our own path in life. “Admitting you’re part of the problem can be difficult,” says Nahko, “but raising your hand and asking for help when you need it is essential. It’s the only way you can learn to love yourself and forgive yourself.”

The song is released in tandem with the New Moon, as per Nahko’s tradition of releasing singles with thoughtful intention, coinciding with the lunar calendar throughout the album campaign for ‘Take Your Power Back’.

“During this time of great sacrifice and uncertainty, we may naturally get drawn into the harsh edges of fear, chaos, and hysteria, but we have a unique opportunity to ground in and soften amongst it all,” says Nahko. “What if during this isolation we broke bread with other fears we’ve been harboring? My intentions for this New Moon are pretty straightforward: stay grounded, meditate on the manifestation of immediate global healing, and take responsibility for my part in creating a solution.”

“Part Problem” follows album singles “Twisted,” “Garden,” “Slow Down,” and “Lifeguard”.

‘Take Your Power Back’, executive produced by cut&dry and Dan Fratoni, has earned early praise from Billboard, who called the music “poignant,” and American Songwriter, who called it “spiritually driven…uplifting.”

In light of the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, the band’s upcoming tour schedule is unknown, similar to touring acts across all genres around the globe. In recent weeks, this pandemic has devastated the music community and beyond, leaving thousands of professionals without work and with an uncertain future. Although Nahko and the band are sadly unable to confirm when it will be safe for themselves and the fans to be back together on the road, they do feel that it is important to share a few places where people can “go” to request relief or to donate to the needs of others. Please click here for a list of organizations and funds that need your help!

Additionally, fans can tune in to “Medicine Tribe Television” on Nahko’s Instagram page (@nahkobear) during this difficult time for ‘live’ performances from home, inspiration and a big dose of positivity.

Born to a Filipino father and Puerto Rican/Native American mother, Nahko was adopted by a white, conservative, Christian family in Oregon and raised under the name David Bell. He later learned that his birth was the result of a rape, that his biological mother had been fourteen and sold into sex work at the time he was conceived, and that his biological father had gone on to be murdered. A sixth-generation Apache, he took on the moniker of Nahko—a play on his middle name, Nahkohe-ese, which translates to Little Bear—as a way of reclaiming his roots, and in his late teens and twenties, he began travelling the country, as he wrestled with identity, purpose, and perception.

“Part Problem” is now available on all streaming platforms here: nahko.com/PartProblem
The album ‘Take Your Power Back’ is now available for pre-order/save: nahko.com/TYPB


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