Photo Credit: Facebook.com/ Richard Tabelin

LOOK: Man photoshops dog as a giant ‘monster’ taking over Zambales

July 19th, 2019

Throughout our international cinematic history, we’ve been acquainted with larger-than-life monsters who have wreaked havoc to many of the world’s famous cities and towns. From the daunting Godzilla to the ferocious T-Rex, these creatures have scared many viewers with their extraordinary strength, unusual appearances, and terrifying roars.

However, in this case, online users are introduced to yet another ginormous being–but it’s one that is neither horrifying nor menacing. This is your newest “monster”–Bogard the giant doggo!

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/ Richard Tabelin

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/ Richard Tabelin

Photo Credit: Facebook.com/ Richard Tabelin

Bogard’s owner Richard Tabelin decided to have some fun and photoshop images of his beloved pet dog taking over areas of Castillejos, Zambales.

“Nagkataon lang na wala akong ginagawa ng araw na yun kaya naisip ko po magphotoshop. Ang talagang ini edit ko po talaga music video at pagproduce ng kanta,” he tells InqPOP!.

(Incidentally, I had nothing to do that day so I decided to have a little fun with photoshop. It was surprising since what I usually do on the computer is to edit a music video or produce music.)

Tabelin hopes that his manipulated images will continue to bring good vibes and happiness to dog lovers online.


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