WATCH: Dog adopts possum after losing her puppies

February 18th, 2019

When going through depressive episodes, dogs behave like humans. Their appetite suddenly changes when they are sad, they lose interests in any activities, and most of all, they always want to be left alone. However, unlike humans, dogs can’t express their feelings in words.

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Molly, a beagle that resides in a cattle ranch near the town of Hamilton in southeastern Australia, gave birth to a litter of puppies last January. Sadly, all of her puppies died shortly after birth. In order to cope with grief and loss,  Molly “adopted” this abandoned possum.

via 9Gag

In a report published by 9Gag, Molly found this possum—who they call “Poss”—while she was looking for her stillborn puppies.

via 9Gag

Since then, Molly and Poss have always been together. From sleeping on the couch to wandering around the ranch, Poss will always climb onto Molly’s back.

Watch Molly and Poss’s usual bonding time below:

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