Child’s Play: Chucky returns with a fresh modern take and is surprisingly good

June 21st, 2019

When news of a Chucky reboot came out, reactions were mostly lukewarm. Fans were doubtful that this modernized Chucky doll will live up to the horror-classic’s scheming and gory contraptions. It was a generation who grew up when Chucky’s grin scared the life out of the children in the 80s, earning it a reputation as the doll of nightmares long before the introduction of different possessed dolls.

Produced by the same team that brought “IT” (2017)—now the highest-grossing horror movie of all-time—Child’s Play (2019) follows Karen (Aubrey Plaza), a single mother who gifts her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman) a Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature. But whilst the original Chucky was a serial killer who terrorized us through the body of a doll, the Chucky of 2019’s CHILD’S PLAY is one that plays on our fears today.

But don’t judge too quickly with looks. This new Chucky, voiced by Mark Hamill, the “Luke Skywalker” in the “Star Wars” films, and armed with the latest and sophisticated technology in its arsenal of terror, breathes and introduces new horrors similar to the series of Black Mirror.

All around geek/fanboy Jiggy Cruz says:
“Child’s Play (2019) brings the suspense and fun you look for in Chucky. Mark Hamill does
justice to Chucky in a way you haven’t seen before! Fans of Chucky will appreciate this modern take of the popular franchise!”

In the words of Marcelo Santos, a famous Philippine writer:
“This (Child’s Play) is not your typical Chucky Movie. Ang ganda ng reimagined version ng classic movie na ‘to (The reimagined version of this horror classic is great). It’s disturbingly entertaining. The combination of gruesome deaths, comedic scenes and adventure-ish feels have made the movie a perfectly-blended film.”

At first many had doubts with the film and this is where the director Lars Klevberg applies his adroit directorial skills. If Chucky in the past is your bloody nightmare, this Chucky remains true to his repertoire of butchery. You have been warned, this film will make you replay in your head those bloody scenes you will want to forget before going to bed. The film will not holdback whenever someone gets hacked by the sound of whirring blades. Even Brandon Vera, One FC champ just has this to say:

“Very nerve-wracking, very very jumpy and funny at the same time. Ang saya! (It’s fun)”

What gets you more hooked is the notion of being best friends to the very end. After all misery just loves company. This doll will be looking to seek ways on how to make you happy just to leave you collecting your guts.

In the words of Youtube sensation Kimpoy Feliciano:
“Very Astig… I was watching the whole movie and walang boring parts. I really enjoyed it”
(This movie is solid. I was watching the whole movie, there are no boring parts. I really enjoyed it)

Watch the trailer below:

Child’s Play is NOW SHOWING in theaters nationwide. Be sure to catch it and bring your friends along.


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