Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Andrea Genota

LOOK: Photographer sheds light on the beauty of our local nature spots

April 11th, 2019

All throughout our social media feeds, we see a plethora of picture-perfect shots from our family and friends’ trips abroad. Whether it’d be a scenic beach photo of their Bali getaway or a candid shot of their food escapades in Italy, we can’t help but admire (and sometimes even, envy) the adventures these people have overseas.

Oftentimes, we, travelers, even tend to believe that these one-of-a-kind moments can only be captured in foreign locations. But, the truth is that there is beauty in many of our local destinations. And this Twitter post by photographer Andrea Genota proves exactly just that.

In this series of photos posted by Genota, travelers can clearly see the picturesque beauty of the Northern Flower Farm in Atok, Benguet.

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Andrea Genota

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Andrea Genota

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Andrea Genota

Photo Credit: Twitter.com/Andrea Genota

Genota tells InqPOP! that the Philippines is home to a lot of “hidden gems” and that it all really depends on what you’re looking for in your trip. However, given this, she advises Filipinos to still remain very careful in maintaining the country’s natural beauty.

“We’re blessed to have a really beautiful country and we must do everything to preserve its beauty. This includes being responsible tourists, as much as possible, avoiding single-use plastics. Let’s always be mindful of our waste so future generation can still experience the majesty of our local destinations.”


Tell us in the comments below, what are some of the other scenic locations in the Philippines that people should visit?


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