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These 7 surprising activities will let you make the most out of summer

April 10th, 2019

This year’s summer season will be way hotter than usual because of the prevailing El Niño phenomenon in the Philippines. According to a report from, El Niño conditions are expected to last until May.

“The phenomenon is characterized by unusually warm sea surface temperatures in the central and eastern equatorial Pacific,” PAGASA reports.

The country’s weather bureau also warned the public of warmer-than-average surface temperatures and a prolonged dry season in the months to come. But this summer heat won’t stop Filipinos from creating memorable experiences this season. And if you are one of those people who are tired of going to the beach (beach crowds are the worst!) or doing the usual summer activities, then why not try these new and fun discoveries?

Here are 7 unique and exciting summer activities:


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They say that fishing as a hobby will improve one’s patience and attitude towards life. If you are looking for a new hobby this summer, why not try this one? Because the feeling of success when you get your first prey is just indescribable!


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Contrary to popular belief, hiking is not just for brokenhearted. Anyone can enjoy this wonderful activity. And since there are so many mountainous regions in our country, so you won’t have any problem planning your next hike.

Planting trees

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This unique and fun activity is a cool way to spend your summer vacation. Because who says caring for the environment is not a fun thing to do? Try planting trees and turn the effort of helping the environment into a leisurely good task.

Joining coastal clean-ups

Joining activities like coastal cleanups is a good way to spend your summer. Who wouldn’t want to watch the best sunset in the world without smelling something foul, right?

Volunteering in orphanages across the country

Photo Credit: Unicef Philippines

If you want to spend the summer season meaningfully, then try volunteering in many orphanage or NGOs spread across the country.

Many organizations in the country are in great need of volunteers, who are willing to help children in orphanages and the elderly in the home for the aged.

Going to music and cultural festivals

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Use this summer to replenish your dry creative juices by joining the various local music and cultural festivals this season has to offer. And since these festivities are usually held during the dry season, it’s really the perfect activity for you to unwind and express yourself. 

Visiting art exhibits 

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This activity is a bit pricey but if you are an art enthusiast, then this one’s for you!

Art fairs in the Philippines have been generating a buzz among people in the metro.  So before the art fairs get crowded, why not spend a fraction of your time there? You wouldn’t believe how talented our fellows Filipinos are./FM

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